3 out of 7 AP's Not reporting to cloud

I have a site that has 7 AP's 3 of these are not reporting to the cloud manager. We are just getting blinking green light. Wireless traffic seems to be still working on those AP's. I can ping them on the LAN and I can get a login prompt with SSH. Can support help me get these back on the cloud manager VIA logging into them with SSH and providing the commands needed.


  • bumgarbbumgarb Member Posts: 11

    I'm having the same issue. 6 AP at 4 different locations, all of which have been in service for a couple of years now. All went offline over the weekend, now all of them have a blinking green light. CloudManager shows them as being online - but the cloud manager doesn't appear to be updating (up time for all the units hasn't changed). I've tried rebooting 2 of the units twice with a 10 minute gap between the reboots, did not appear to help.

  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 273

    Hi @jzkkn5, @bumgarb,

    We are seeing some outage from our Cloud service provider. Our engineers are working to restore the services.


  • jzkkn5jzkkn5 Member Posts: 13

    Has this been addressed, I see one came back in but still have 2 not reporting

  • morganbrandomorganbrando Member Posts: 1

    I have been watching this thread for a response too. Over the weekend, my two XI-3 both went to an alternating, blinking green light/ blinking red light. They still operate, but show as offline in the cloud manager and cannot be managed. No network changes were made recently.

  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 273


    Some of the regions are back online. We are working on restoring the services to other regions as well.


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