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Hello All,

Effective today (July 25th 2018) all models of Xclaim access points are End Of Sale. At this moment we would like to thank all our customers who have been of great support to us. For all support and related queries, please read the below document




  • keithgouldkeithgould Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2018

    So you've been snowing us about the fact that the Cloud Manager Reports no longer deliver data and that they were going to be fixed.

    The EOL announcement has been made quietly and unprofessionally.

    I have had no direct communication from you regarding this. You are still offering reseller and partner opportunities on the web site.

    I only discovered the products are EOL because I was looking for an update on the Cloud Manager report function.

    Feeling very shoddily treated. A good product, one I've recommended and installed and put my reputation on the line for, gone.

    Looking forward to explaining to my clients why I recommended you, and why they will probably have to reinvest in order to keep their network functioning and secure.

    I appreciate products go EOL, what I don't enjoy is the fact that it seems that Ruckus have decided Xclaim is a dead duck and has no product evolution.

  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 85

    Totally agree with @keithgould (and some other post on this forum regarding the same thread)
    I can understand that products go EOL, but the EOL announcement for all Xclaim products on the same day? Come on Arris/Ruckus! Very disappointing. It's inappropriate .... (in my opinion)

    I have asked several time(s) to post some roadmap(s) on this forum, but no comments from you what so ever, you could at least do an EOL announcement in advance (eg. 1 january 2019) that shouldn't be so hard?

    And now? What can we expect the next few years?

    • Still some "support" on this forum (just answering simple questions) but no new firmware for e.g. solving security issue(s)?
    • Current issue(s) what can we expect? (eg. Xi-1 AP's which are randomly offline in CM)?
    • New issue(s) what can we expect? No more updates?
    • Cloud support until 2021, this amount of time is to short, it should at least be 5 years! Why have you chosen for such a short amount of time?

    I have sold you're products to many customers, but now I can tell them that they have to reinvest within a short notice! What do you think? Would end- customers be happy?

    Very very disappointing of Arris/Ruckus to make this decision and most of all, the way of communicating this announcement, it's not Arris/Ruckus worthy! It's time to make a change to other vendors, such a shame .... You guys had it all (perfect solution between the budget vendors and high-end) and now it's gone :-(


  • wieskampwieskamp Member Posts: 1

    Great, after three months of purchase of multiple access points this message. I had many doubts to going for a cloud based solution just because of this.

    After the cloudmanager goes offline, can I throw the access points in the bin, or is there a way to manage the settings directly?

  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @wieskamp ,

    After the end of Cloudmanager service, the Access points can be managed using the Web UI.


  • guidolangendorffguidolangendorff Member Posts: 15

    Hi @wieskamp
    I had the same view/thoughts but I was turned by the fact a very solid big player is owner of Xclaim: Ruckus. Seems Ruckus is not that trustful after all..
    I am looking for, expecting at a solution from their site for our (=Service providers globally and NOT only the big ones but ALL resellers/SP's and MSP's) customers; we just went over to Xclaim, first project. If that is not gonna happen in a "please forgive us of this stupid mistake/action" way, Ruckus is off my list for every future project.

    In other area's this is a great and superb example in the selling of 365/cloud storage backup back to on-premise. If a Ruckus can pull a plug like this, why not also O365 or other Cloud companies... one is always responsible for the existence and continuing of their own data and this shows also going back to on-premise controlled network/wifi is not that bad at all (as long the brand is not Ruckus as they proved to be able to pull the plug just like that on super short notice and with NO alternative solution what so ever or even without real proper communication to its Distri's, resellers and end-users.).
    Lets wait and see, this story is not over yet I think (heard some whispering voices...)

  • Good Afternoon,

    I am responsible for the ICT of over 150 schools. If this is really happening, i will make sure our schools will never buy ruckus again. I had an honourable mention as ict coordinator of the year, i was a speaker at TEDx and multiple HiFluence events, I will make sure i advice all my colleagues against Ruckus. We just renewed a school with 30 ap's in June and then this... What is the cost of leaving a dashboard accessible versus all the costumers you lose?

    If we acces the AP through the Web UI, as you have been advising here everywhere, do you realise the consequences? Are you not ashamed to be advising your costumers this way of work? What if we need to change the wifi password? Acces 30 Web UI's? And what about roaming?

    For the price we pay as costumers, i demand a better service and an alternative for the dashboard. Even if we have to pay for licences for the dashboard i would agree and understand, but this way of abandoning your costumers is unacceptable.

    I am very disappointed.

    Bernard Paternottre

  • AdoudouAdoudou Member Posts: 15

    Hello Everyone,

    I know that online Manager will be closed 30th june 2021 but today Xclaim Manager ( Web UI)doesn't work anaymore.
    Page try to load and nothing happen.

    One more time, reliabilty of Ruckus brother is dispapointing

    Hope that problem will be soon solved

    Best regards

  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 278

    Hi @Adoudou,

    Apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on the fix.


  • krisdepaepekrisdepaepe Member Posts: 4

    Still no access to Cloud Manager. Any idea about the time frame in which we may expect the fix?

  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 278

    Hi @krisdepaepe,

    We are working hard to fix this ASAP.


  • JonnyJonny Member Posts: 2

    How will we be able to configure AP's after 30th of June 2021? Is there a release of "Cloud Manager" for "on-premise" installation, so that we can continue to configure AP's?

  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @Jonny ,

    After the end of the Cloudmanager service, the Access points can be managed using Web UI.


  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 278

    As we are fast approaching the End Of life we would like to talk to the customers on the transition plan. The interested customers please send an email to [email protected] with the following details

    No of AP's to be transitioned
    Do you use MSP ? If yes how many tenants do you manage?
    The country you are based out of.
    Are you a VAR or Disti ?


  • guidolangendorffguidolangendorff Member Posts: 15

    Hi Rameshc. To be plain honest: completely removed Ruckus out of my scope. The way this was/is handled, such a company will never get my support. It was my first Ruckus/xclaim project when this happend and it costed me a load of money and worse: reputation. It would/should have been a new key customer with A LOT of reference potential. All gone. So (and this is not personally!) Ruckus can go where the light does not shine. Also, such an transition plan/offer should have been presented when xclaim went EOL and it should have been REALLY, REALLY, REALLY generous. Do not trust this brand and will not ever again. Surprised you are still there. I would have left a crook employer.

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