End of Sale?

Greetings! I have heard that the Xclaim has reached End of Sale. Meaning that we will not be able to get them after 7/25/2018.

Is this true? What will happen to Cloud Manager? Will we still be able to manage these AP's remotely via a manual configuration page?

Eric D.


  • jzkkn5jzkkn5 Member Posts: 13

    I also posted this question a week or so ago and have not heard a peep from the moderators. It is total BS that they will not comment one way or the other. In the mean time why would I sell these to my clients going forward. My guess is they want to get rid of there inventory before making an announcement.

  • ericdericd Member Posts: 3

    Agreed. What our vendor was told that told me was that "all the information about this is on the Forums". My vendor and I have scoured all over here and was not able to see one thing about this.

    Moderators, What is going on??? I cannot buy anymore of this equipment if you are not selling it. Am I going to be stuck doing wholesale replacements when a unit fails? This seems to be a big blow to Xclaim and possibly Ruckus. I understand that sometimes company folds or gets bought out by somebody else (like your parent company Ruckus being bought by Arris), but the lack of your communication to your customers is very disconcerting. We have to hear it from re-sellers/vendors that the product that we are actively deploying will be going away with no word of any official support from Xclaim/Ruckus.

    This is an excellent product that is very cost effective for small businesses to have a wireless system that can rival that of large multi-million dollar companies without the cost. If it will be discontinued and no longer available, please let us know so we can come up with plans with our customers to replace the system or work with Xclaim to allow these units to continue to be maintained remotely when the cloud disappears.

  • andreasgandreasg Member Posts: 9

    I was partially expecting that at some point, all xclaim access points would be discontinued... What I was not expecting was for the cloud service to be stopped in just 3 years time... The developers/management people @ Ruckus/Xclaim should at least allow the cloud to be active for a period of 5 years after the official end of sales announcement.. Do the Xclaim people realize that there are currently many Xclaim installations that are being managed via the cloud? How are we are going to manage a 250+ AP installation without the cloud? We have multiple installations with hundreds of APs managed via the Cloudmanager... How are we are going to explain to newly established clients that their WiFi network will go up in smokes in just 3 years time? This was a very unprofessional move... Can we at least expect that the AP source code will be released to some of those universal AP management platforms (Tanaza for example)? This would (to the very least) enable us to migrate the current management from the cloud to a custom AP management platform without having to replace all of the APs as well.. Is there anyone we can direct this request to or are you going to keep ignoring us like you have been doing for quite some now?

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