End Of Life

We just got this back from the vender we get these AP's from

Here is the quote that you requested, please find it attached. The Xclaim units are actually end of life now and we wont be getting any more stock of them. We have the Ap-Xo-1 but not the Ap-Xi-3.

Are your products going End of Life as they say and are you replacing them with another product?


  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 85

    Hi, Dutch distributor told me Xi-1 and Xi-2 are EOL, but Xo-1 and Xi-3 are still available for region Europe.
    I did understand Xclaim would launch a new productrange but no launch date could be given.
    Very inconvenient, because Xi-1 and Xi-2 aren't available anymore and there's no replacement at this moment.

    So @rameshc @shriramrs Could you please post a statement regarding product roadmap? Why does it take so long to update the website regarding this?
    Competing vendors are continuously updating their productrange....


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