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Hi all,
I've read many discussions about AP's that randomly goes offline evenf if the AP work fine (green LED fixed) with client connected.
Anyone have a solution about this problem.
All AP's model Xi-1 with last firmware
It seems that AP's stop to send information to CloudManager.
In some cases after a reboot of AP's solve the problem, in other cases the AP's it still offline

Yeastardeay I've tried to remove another offline AP and add again the same, after a reboot the AP is connected (green LED fixed) but now it still not recognized from CloudManager...!

Anyone have solution?



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    edited July 2018

    someone of xclaim can do somethink or answer?


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    Hi Marco,

    Very inconvenient. At this moment all of my Xi-1 AP's are offline in Cloudmanager (but online at customer site) same issue for me!

    @rameshc @shriramrs Could you please post an update regarding this issue? What can be done? We've asked before, (see other posts) but no reply!


  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 85

    To bad Xclaim isn't responding.

    @rameshc @shriramrs please provide us with some feedback. If needed, I can setup VPN access so you guys can debug (if needed)
    I've setup a test environment with a Xi-1 in my own lab, which is suffering the same issue.
    Please let me know, I can send you the details via DM.


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    Hi at all, I don't understand why nobody of xclaim reply for this problem...we've all AP with the last firmware, but the problem not solved...usually 50% of APs goes off-line to cloud manager regardless that they work or not properly.
    We've 3 site with respectively with 7 xi-1, 6 xi-1, and 5 xi-1. All sites has the same problem. Since 2 months all AP's stop to work once a day...all 3 sites..., concurrently...very strange!, it is necessary to make an hardware manualy reset for some APs because from cloud manager usually about 50% of AP's are offline...
    What can we do? Now our customers begin to get impatient and we don't know what to do, if not to take and change everything.

    We've tried also to make reset of APs, deleted and re-adding to cloud manager, but it does not change the result
    We've bought all xclaim xi-1 at start of 2018

    Marco Loffredo

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