AP not connecting

lyonb96lyonb96 Member Posts: 1

We have 3 Xclaim Xi-3 access points, all of which were installed and configured on the cloud at the same time. One of them has decided not to connect. Logging into the web GUI, I see that the GRE connection settings have nothing filled in for the Primary and Secondary IP settings. I have also tried running firmware updates, using SSH and running some commands, but it appears the AP is on the latest firmware. The 2 APs that are working actually weren't on the latest firmware, but I was able to push the update to them from the cloud and they appear to still be working after taking the same firmware version as the AP that's not working. I was hoping to see what the GRE settings showed on the working APs, but on the newer firmware version the web interface is locked down, and I can't figure out SSH credentials.

Just as a tip, you might want to make sure your CloudManager actually gives a sliver of diagnostic information before you lock down every aspect of local connection to the device - these things are an absolute PITA to troubleshoot.

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