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Vlan and Mikrotik

ArxondasArxondas Member Posts: 13

Hello all,

I need some help about configuration with vlan.
My main Router is a Mikrotik RB1100 and all my AP's are xclaim xi-1 and xclaim xi-2. No management switches in network, only simple switches.

On mikrotik my main network is for my devices and a vlan100 for guests network.
My plan is to setup ap's with ip from network so I can monitor connectivity but when a guest connect to wifi it will take ip from

I have setup vlan100 on xclaim network config but it doesn't work. Guests take ip's from network Tried with an old tp-link ap and it working as it should also with a unifi uap-ac.

I'm using cloud manager with latest firmware on ap's

Any suggestions ?

thank you.



  • wotoniwotoni Member Posts: 1
    Greetings!  I just ran accross your post.

    First off, on the MikroTik, make sure the port that the Xclaim is on is part of your network bridge.  On the bridge, you need to create vlan100.  Vlan100 would then have your guest Network and DHCP attached to it.

    On the Xclaim, have your SSID vlan set to vlan100. 

    From there, all should be golden.  The main trick is where vlan100 lives.  Mine are attached to my main network bridge and hotspot is configured for that vlan not on the bridge. 

    I hope this helps!

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