All 3 Xi-3 setup and working eventually - within the day - all red blinking lights

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I have the same or similar setup with 4 other companies and have never seen this problem. Obviously not thinking all the APs are faulty. Had the internet provider check and everything is good. Wireless setup via the router itself has no issues (I know, apples and oranges). Whether the AP is directly connected to the router OR the switch exudes the same behavior. Thinking port issue on the provider's end but cannot get into their cable modem but will open a trouble ticket. All APs are updated to the latest firmware and I can see them in the Cloud as soon as I disconnect and reconnect, but eventually they all fail.



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    UPDATE : What I got back from MetroCast:

    • Hello Mr. XXX,
    • Upon investigating the account, it appears you only have a standard wired modem. This modem does not have any wireless/firewall capabilities. If you are looking to check on port forwarding and blocking, you would want to log into your Netgear router that is attached to the modem. As this is not a MetroCast piece of equipment, we do not have a username or password for it. If you have any additional questions, we are available 24/7 at 1-800-XXX-XXXX.
    • Thank you for choosing MetroCast,
    • XXX
    • MetroCast Technical Support

    Obviously I have no ports blocked on my router. Not sure where to look now. Any ideas?

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    UPDATE 2 : Think I've found it.

    Checked port forwarding and noticed ports 10000 - 20000 are forwarded to Vonage for our two line system. What to do about that now?

    • Ports used by Vonage Adapters
    • The following ports are used by Vonage and may need to be forwarded to your Vonage Adapter.
    • SIP: Port 5061 UDP (Used to send and receive SIP information)
    • RTP: Ports 10000-20000 UDP. (Used to send and receive RTP traffic) When a call is made, random ports between 10000 and 20000 are used to carry the conversation. If any of these ports are blocked, you may experience one way or no audio.

    and this is my current port forwarding setup:

    1   XXXX    9100    9100    10.X.X.X
    2   XXXX    9101    9101    10.X.X.X
    3   XXXX    9102    9102    10.X.X.X
    4   XXXX    9103    9103    10.X.X.X
    5   XXXX    9104    9104    10.X.X.X
    6   XXXX    9105    9105    10.X.X.X
    7   VONAGE2 10000   20000   10.X.X.X
    8   VONAGE  5061    5061    10.X.X.X

    Is there a problem with this? This is the only client using this setup that also has Vonage. Thoughts?

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    Hello @gibmonkey ,

    AP LED in red blinking indicates that AP is not able to reach the Cloudmanager via the internet. This could be an internet connectivity issue as well.
    Please check if you are not blocking any of these ports: SSL(TCP 443) , ICMP and NTP (UDP 123)
    Is it possible to bypass this netgear router and check if it helps?
    Also, try using a switch or the connecting to to your ISP device (router)?


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    No internet connectivity issues. The ports I posted earlier are the only ports I am forwarding. There are no blocked ports that I am aware of. Even with all red blinking lights all wireless clients can get to the internet.

    The Metrocast modem is directly connected to the NetGear router. Switch is then connected from there and 2 of the 3 Xi-3 are connected to that switch. One of the Xi-3 devices is plugged directly into the router. All are showing the same red blinking lights eventually. I can log into the cloud and reboot them so there is some sort of communication. All three eventually get the red blinking light and even if I reboot all at the same time they don't all fail at the same time. Always between 2 and 4 hours.

    I recheck the port blocking issue again but any thoughts? Like I said I have similar setups minus the Vonage config at 3 other clients and have zero issues. Same router at one client even.


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    Actually looks like I cannot reboot the APs remotely. It's been a few days (and everyone is still connected to the internet) so my guess is they eventually completely disconnect from the cloud. If I'm onsite and I see one go offline I can reboot from the cloud. Must be a time thing. I can see about bringing down the internet for the entire company and connecting and AP to the MetroCast modem directly and wait and see if it fails after 2 - 6 hours but that will have to be at another time. :)

    Thanks again.

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