Due to COVID-19 the customer migration out from Xclaim had slowed down in the past 15 months, to allow existing Xclaim customers extra time to complete the migration, the Xclaim Cloud Manager service will be extended from the original termination date (July 25, 2021) to September 30, 2021.

CloudManager access disabled during schedule maintenance - 00:30 GMT - 9:30 GMT on 5th August 2017.

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Access to CloudManager will be unavailable between 00:30 GMT - 9:30 GMT hours on the 5th of August. During this scheduled maintenance window, we will be upgrading CloudManager to a new version.

Please note: During this time, all of your Xclaim APs will function normally and will service clients. The only 2 changes that users should notice during this period are :

  • Users will be unable to login to CLoudManager.
  • Users will not receive any AP offline notification messages or weekly reports.

During this window, you might notice your AP’s LED to change to blinking RED.

Once the window is over, access to CloudManager will be re-enabled and normal operation will resume.

Thank you for your support.

The Xclaim Wireless Team.

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