tagged VLAN does not reach untagged VLAN

Hi, I have 4 Xi-3 APs managed by Cloud Manager, and connected to a Cisco SG300 Switch.
We have 4 VLans:

  • VLAN 1 Admin and Default ( 24)
  • VLAN 10 Employees (wired and wireless) (
  • VLAN 11 Voice (wired) (
  • VLAN 13 Guests (wireless) (

The switch ports where the APs are connected are Trunk and have:

  • VLAN 1: PVID, Untagged (default)
  • VLAN 10: Tagged
  • VLAN 13: Tagged

The Employees desktop devices are connected at trunk ports with:

  • VLAN 10 PVID, Untagged
  • VLAN 11 Tagged

I configured 2 SSIDs (Networks at Cloud Manager), one for employees with VLAN 10 and one for guest with VLAN 13

I need to share files and printers from the wired devices to wireless ones, but when a LapTop connects to Employees wireless (VLAN 10 Tagged) cannot reach the wired devices, despite they are at the same network segment and the switch ports are in trunk mode. It has Internet connectivity without problem.
If I connect the same device to a wired port (VLAN 10 Untagged), I can see shared resources without problem. So, can you help me to find what I'm doing wrong?




  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @novagcom ,

    Can you please check if you have disabled the Client isolation on the SSID configured for employees with VLAN 10?
    Client isolation prevents a wireless client connected on the wireless network from communicating with any other wired/wireless device in the same subnet, except the default gateway.


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