Inconsistent behavior Cloudmanager

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I've tried to setup a Mesh link between two Xo-1, which fails.
Followed the instruction set as provided by Xclaim, but setting the recommended same static channel on both Xo-1 fails in Cloudmanager.

Looking closely at both AP's using the "DETAIL" option in Cloudmanger I've discovered a difference between both AP's. Fist AP, the "country" option is available, second AP, NO "country" option is available.

AP with the "country" option available (set to Netherlands) is constantly changing 5 Ghz frequencies
(DFS) although channel is set to static value. Also the channel number doesn't correspond with the value as presented in Cloudmanger. Changing value(s) isn't a solution, AP doesn't respond to that kind of changes, which are being made in Cloudmanager.

AP without the "country" option is working fine and responds correct to changes made in Cloudmanager.
(eg. adding network, chancing channels etc.)

Tried everything, from rebooting AP, deleting AP in Cloudmanager, resetting AP using reset button. But no positive result. (also opened the necessary ports in my firewall for communication with Cloudmanager!)

What causes this inconsistent behavior?

Please let me know ASAP as I can not use the MESH at this moment which causes inconvenience at customer site.



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