Barracuda and Xclaim

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Hi All,

We've recently invested into a Barracuda Firewall system with filter but the problem we're having is anything on the wireless doesn't seem to get an Internet connection but wired is fine.

We've recently installed 7 x Xi-3's in the building and they seem to be working great but when the Firewall is active we don't get internet.

Any ideas?


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @Greenleys ,

    What is the status of the LED on the AP? Have you added all the APs to the Cloudmanager?
    Can you please check if you are able to ping from client device connect to this wireless network?
    Please check if you have opened the SSL(TCP 443) , ICMP and NTP (UDP 123) ports on both ways in the firewall. These 3 ports need to be opened to ensure that the AP communicates with CloudManager/ and vice-versa.
    What is the DNS server IP sent in the DHCP lease?
    May I suggest to try changing the DNS server to and check if you are still seeing the issue.


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