How to config X2 for 100 clients access

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How can I config X2 for 100 clients access.
I have X2 connected to LAN and have a DHCP Server. Client can be connected to X2 but only have 30 clients for maximum. I have setup up 1 SSID and two channel(2.4 and 5.0), disabled client isolation, disabled MAC filter.
Could you please help me how to setup for about 80 clients to 100 clients access to one X2.
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  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @QuangNH ,

    We do not recommend to plan deployments with more than 30-40 active clients per radio as it may have impact on the overall performance.
    As the wireless networks use a shared medium, too many users using high-end or bandwidth intensive applications will overload the access point, adding to the poor performance issues. With more number of users, the Co-channel/Adjacent channel interference will increase and the throughput will reduce.
    But technically, you should be able to connect max of 100 clients (as tested in our internal testing).
    Have you set static channels for both the radios(2.4/5Ghz)?
    We would highly recommend you perform either a predictive or a passive/active site-survey of your location. This will help to find areas of RF coverage and interference sources as well as installation locations of access points.


  • QuangNHQuangNH Member Posts: 3

    Hi @shriramrs ,

    Thank you for your quickly support,

    Normally, I can see about from 40 to 55 clients access simultaneously, but I have never seen over 55 clients.
    I have setup static channels. I created 4 SSID and setup static channels.
    We only using 1AP Xi-2 for one office about 100m2 in 1 room and have 90 clients.
    I have checked report on Cloud have 96 clients unique but maximum only 55client access.

    Please let me know if you need more information


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    Hello @QuangNH ,

    As @shriramrs mentioned, as the number of clients increases the RF contention increases which prevents other clients from connecting/communicating.

    A good way to check if there's an issue with the RF is to check the RF utilization of the medium. Can we have a webex call where can check the same on the AP?


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