CloudManager problems today?

We've been experiencing some problems with getting a new set of access points to register and run today. Initially, most of them would not come up. Then, we removed one from the tenant, then added it back, which fixed that one. We removed 16 others and their name changed when we added them back, so they are all disorganized now with the wrong names and some up and some down. Is this a problem more at your end than ours?


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @MrJohnK ,

    There is a good chance that the new set of APs are in old firmware version. So once you remove the AP from a tenant, it will reset the AP and then it comes up with the latest version and connects with Cloudmanager. Even moving a AP from one tenant to another will reset the AP.
    So we recommend to reboot all the offline APs twice (with internet connectivity) with the gap of 10 minutes between each reboot. This will upgrade all the APs to latest firmware version (


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