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AP Firmware update released -

vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063


We have released an AP firmware update. The newly released firmware version is :

This update includes several stability enhancements. These enhancements specifically address the issue where some Xclaim APs were going offline.

Please upgrade to the latest firmware version by clicking the “UPGRADE” button in the access points’ configuration page (or) by rebooting the AP twice with a gap of 10 minutes between each reboot.

The Xclaim team


  • biff_princebiff_prince Member Posts: 1

    After updating the firmware on my XI-3 it is showing offline in cloud manager. I tried everything i could find in forums for a fix, including doing a factory reset. It still will not connect to the cloud manager. And all I get is a flashing red light. I have even set the AP to DMZ on my router to eliminate firewall issues. Why wont it connect again?

  • scevluscevlu Member Posts: 3

    when restart all Access Point after all all of then offline now

  • sx9090sx9090 Member Posts: 16

    Add me to the list of people whose AP is now offline and won't come back even after a factory reset. Xi-3. Guess the "fixing APs going offline" was unsuccessful o.O

  • chris_conniffchris_conniff Member Posts: 4

    Same here. Upgraded to from and now it shows as being offline in CloudManager. Which WAS working fine on my Xi-3. Is there anyway to downgrade back to the version of firmware that was stable (at least for me it was)? If not, how about allowing the Xi-3 to at least to be managed by Harmony App? Something? Anything? Any ETA on a fix for this?

  • bumgarbbumgarb Member Posts: 11

    After attempting upgrade from to, CloudManager is reporting all 4 APs as offline. Appears to just be a CloudManager connection issue. Connection to APs and access to the Internet through these APs appears to be working as normal, however.

  • chris_conniffchris_conniff Member Posts: 4

    My AP is back online now. BUT all the WLAN's that were attached to the AP were no longer attached. I reattached them and am back up now.

  • MarkbehMarkbeh Member Posts: 12

    After upgrading AP's to Cloudmanager still occasionally shows the APs as offline, although users can connect and the light on the AP is green. Users who restart their WiFI on their devices cannot connect until AP is restarted. After a restart the AP shows online in Cloudmanager again (for a while). This issue really needs to be addressed as there have already been 3 software upgrades intended to rectify this.

  • jestersoftjestersoft Member Posts: 2

    @Markbeh I am experiencing the same issue. I even performed a factory reset on all the APs without success.

  • pvazquez84pvazquez84 Member Posts: 5
    The AP continues to go offline and when they go offline i can't connect nothing to them this issue is frustrating i work for a school and i have to always desconect the acceso point and connect them again please fix this issue 
  • MarkbehMarkbeh Member Posts: 12

    With this ongoing problem we are now forced to look for alternative AP solutions as Xclaim don't seem to be able to quickly resolve this issue, now ongoing for several months. We too have many users that cannot connect during 'offline' mode although AP led is solid green

  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063


    Apologies. Our support team was replying to queries on other posts and we missed this.

    Due to limited CPU,Memory on the Xi-1, the AP is going offline and is going offline in cloudmanager. However, we are trying to recreate the exact scenario where the AP goes offline. We have tried different combinations and have been unable to recreate exactly when it goes offline so far.

    Our team is working solely on this trying to reproduce this scenario and provide a fix for the same.

    Please note, this does not affect any of our other APs (Xi-2, Xi-3 and Xo-1)


  • jestersoftjestersoft Member Posts: 2

    In the meantime what can we tell our customers???? I am having several complaints and in one case I had to switch to another brand.
    Cloudmanager is a great solution but after dealing with this problem i am not sure it is the right way to go: if the AP needs to communicate with cloudmanager to work, in case of internet outage the wifi network will be unusable even for local access.

    Figure out a solution and rapidly or you will loose all your customers.

  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello ,

    Apologies for the delay. Our engineering team has been working on the "Xi-1 going offline" issue and we believe we have a fix for this.

    We have reached out to multiple customers and are running this beta build in their environements and are closely monitoring various parameters to verify if our beta build solves the issue.

    You should definitely be hearing more from us early next week regarding the progress with the beta build and plans of releasing the image.


  • noworriesitnoworriesit Member Posts: 8

    What is the resolution on this? We have 15 Xi3's deployed and we are experiencing this on most of them. Thankfully it does appear to be with the cloud manager portal but this needs to be addressed

  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @noworriesit ,

    Please look for my DM.


  • datamedicdatamedic Member Posts: 23
    edited May 2017


    we are also facing the same issue on some our installations , its seems to be a heavy load issue , we were able to detect that this issue effect x1s that used to pass video traffic

    there will be any fix soon?

    thank you in advance

  • keepsrebootingkeepsrebooting Member Posts: 1

    Hi Guys,

    One of my clients are using XI3 AP's with
    Their access points keeps rebooting, i think it happens after 1 - 2 hours. Even after a restart and then a restart after 10 minutes.
    Is this a know issue with a work around or a fix?
    I don't think it could be a load issue, because it happens even with 1 iphone and 1 laptop connected.

  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @keepsrebooting ,

    We do not see any such issues with Xi-3 access points.
    Have you added this AP in the cloudmanager?
    Can you please direct message the serial number of this AP?


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