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Yesterday we started to receive emails from Cloudmanager telling us that certain of our customer AP's are down/offline. Please can you tell me how to turn OFF these warnings. It's a nice feature, but only if it can be turned on/off for each AP.

Why: We don't need the warnings and we have received 6 emails today, and the AP's currently don't reliably stay connected to the internet despite a stable internet connection, this has always been an issue and the emails today highlight the problem. Also some disconnect at night by design - for example we have certain installations where we disable the internet at night where young people live, plus other reasons. It's a nice feature, but we need to be able to choose whether to email a warning for each AP please. Otherwise we will need the feature disabling until it's properly implemented, or at least the issues with maintaining a proper connection are resolved - I should point out that we do have constant access to the internet where this is happening, and customers are not complaining of any issue with WiFi and internet connectivity. We can see internet stats in the router that confirm the connections are stable.

thanks in advance.


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 217

    Hi @JohnA ,

    Currently, we do not have an option to turn off the MSP AP offline notifications in Cloudmanager.
    But we will definitely consider this as a feature request and see if we can introduce in future CloudManager/AP updates.


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