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MrJohnKMrJohnK Member Posts: 30

Can we get an update to the MSP Portal that will allow the admins to remove and change passwords for other admins? Now that we are getting email when a customer unplugs their access point, I would like to remove a few admins from our list to reduce who gets those notifications.

I have a customer that unplugs his access points daily for whatever reason, then plugs them back in the next day. It sure generates a lot of unnecessary email to tell us that the access points have gone off-line. I like the notification feature, but for these access points at this customer's location, being able to ignore the downtime would be best.


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 217

    Hi @MrJohnK ,

    Currently, we do not give privileges for admin to modify/remove other admins only MSP account owner has those privileges.
    However, we will consider to have an option to disable offline notification as a feature request and see if we can introduce in future CloudManager.


  • MrJohnKMrJohnK Member Posts: 30

    I am the one who requested the creation of the MSP account originally. I assume that makes me the owner of it, however, I do not see the options to modify/remove other admins. I can add new admins though. Is this done manually or is there something I've missed? Thanks!

  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @MrJohnK ,

    If you are the account creator , you should definitely be able to modify(edit ,delete ,add) new Admins. Can you please DM your MSP account username to me so that I can check?


  • jonasoepjonasoep Member Posts: 14

    Yes please.
    An feature request to disable access point offline notifications will be very nice - as soon as possible :-)


  • JohnAJohnA Member Posts: 14

    I agree, there appears to be no way to disable these notifications, and to make matters worse the XI-2 regularly indicate they are offline in Cloudmanager and with the Red light, yet they continue to work fine as an AP. It appears they are poor at re-registering, particularly if the router (DHCP server and Internet gateway) if rebooted at the same time as the AP's. I've had to simple divert all emails to spam as for every customers AP that goes offline we get an email.

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