5GHZ channel will not change by modify them statically in cloadmanager

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I have som problems when i change the 5GHZ channel to static.
I wil use only channels 36-40-44-48 because the WIFI site is nearby a aifrfield with radar.
So i changed those access-points by using the Cloadmanager and and i see in the dashboard that the channel from AP LGV1NWAP001 is using channel 100. When i checked the AP settings infinity i see that it used channel 48. So in fact by using a Fluke meter i see that channel 100 is used, and not chanel 48.
Can someone confirm here that we have a new bug??

Se below the screenshot the make this clear.

Best regards,
Tim Hol


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 217

    Hi Tim Hol,

    It is not allowed to set indoor radio channels (36-40-44-48) to the outdoor AP. Hence the AP sets back the channel to 100 in the backend.
    However, we are investigating why these indoor channels are being listed in the cloudmanager for Xo-1.


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