CloudManager 1.4 Released!

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Greetings from Xclaim!

CloudManager 1.4 is now available! This version contains the following:

• Single Hop Mesh Support (For Xi-3 , Xo-1 APs)
• Radio Tx Power control
• RADIUS Accounting
• MSP Offline notification enhancements

This version also contains other usability enhancements and bug fixes.

Please Note : To take advantage of the new features that are being introduced, please ensure that all the APs in your network are updated and running the latest firmware version (

Please login to with your existing CloudManager account to take advantage of new features. We recommend reloading the page using "Control+Shift+R"(windows) or "Cmd+Shift+R"(osx) to ensure that the browser reloads all the elements of the page and ignores its local cache.

Also, to help you understand Single-Hop mesh concepts and configuration , we have attached a document with all the required information.

Please let us know if you see any issues. Thank you for helping us make CloudManager better.

The Xclaim Wireless Team

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