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I have set up my xclaim xi-1. The WiFi works perfectly. I have not changed any of the original settings. Currently the WiFi is OPEN with no password. I would like to attach a password to secure the network. I am a complete novice when it come to IT. I have set up Cloud Manager and attached my access point.

I am assuming I now need to create a network and attach it to the AP. I have attempted to do this once and failed so I have deleted the network and need to start from scratch. I think I may have selected some of the wrong settings in the options for on / off etc.

Please can someone advise what I should be selecting for each of the questions when adding a network so i can finally secure my internet. Please remember I am a complete beginner so need an idiots guide or step by step instructions. I still want my WiFi to remain visible for anyone to search for it, I just need a password. Thanks.


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    Following are the steps to add a network with password enabled:

    1. Click on the NETWORKS tab in the top navigation bar
    2. From the left side bar and select the type of network you want to add (Guest/Business).
    3. Enter the SSID (name of the Wi-Fi network)
    4. To Secure your network, Select WPA2 box and enter a password in the Passphrase box. The password should be minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters and maximum of 63 alphanumeric characters.
    5. By default, the Broadcast SSID is On. When this is on, the SSID will be broadcasted and is discoverable by clients scanning for available Wireless networks in a particular area. Please make sure that you don't change this default setting.
    6. Select/Enter the details in the other form fields as per your requirement (Like Radio , VLAN and Client Isolation etc.,) or else leave the settings as default for now.
    7. Click on the Save button and your secured network will be created.

    Detailed description on each of the settings can be found in the following tutorial links


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