Chrome OS connection issue

dcshobbydcshobby Member Posts: 20
Hello. I am having trouble connecting my ASUS Chromebox to the Xi-3 running dual-band with the same SSID. When I give the 2.4 and 5ghz bands separate SSID's, I can connect to both of them just fine with no issue. As soon as I make the SSID the same for both bands, I can no longer connect to the network again. I can connect the chromebox to my phone hotspot just fine and did that to download the updates for Chrome OS thinking it would update a driver but it hasn't helped.

A google search of "Ruckus chromebook" shows other users who have trouble with Chrome OS devices connecting to Ruckus gear and that an update for the Ruckus AP's or Chrome OS device have fixed the issue. I am up to date on the Xi-3 with .47 version and the latest version on the Chromebox.

To recap, with SSID same on both bands, I can't connect. With different names for both bands, I can connect to both with no problem. Could it be an issue with band steering possibly? Thank you


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