Xo-1 Not working after software upgrade

I installed a new Xo-1 today. Initially, it connected to my cloud account with no problems and I was able to add it to a tenant through the MSP portal and the access point showed "green" on both the LED and in the cloud portal. I noticed that the "upgrade" button was lit up blue in the portal for this device, indicating that there was a new version of software available, so I pushed the button. The access point reacted by downloading new software, but then went off-line. Now, this access point will not power up at all. When I plug a PoE cable into the port, the PoE adapter's power light goes out and there is no activity at all from the access point from either the ethernet LEDs or the LED on the outside panel. It seems completely dead at this point. I changed PoE adapters and the cable that connects them, but it still does not work. It just seems to short out the PoE injector each time the AP is plugged into the PoE port. If I unplug the AP from the PoE injector, the light on the PoE injector comes back on again. What should I do to revive it?


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