Round 2 of frustration

sx9090sx9090 Member Posts: 16
Seriously, the IOS app is horrible. So I've got a new LG TV I'm trying to get on the wireless, for whatever reason it's refusing to connect to the access point. Some forum posts suggest that running without a password solved the problem for them. So, I try disabling WPA on my guest network. The app claims it's disabled, but it clearly isn't - when I check from a laptop/netspot it still shows up as WPA2 secured. So I try option 2 - nuke the WLAN (it disappears from the AP, from the app, and can't be detected via netspot/laptop. I then create a net-new WLAN with a new name, no encryption, same VLAN. The app shows no encryption. I look from netspot/check from a laptop, it's created the WLAN with the new ID, but it still has the old password from the previous secured guest network on the same VLAN. Literally nothing I do will allow me to remove the password from my guest network... garbage.


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