VLAN TAG and offlne AP in cloud manager

Hi there,
Sorry for my English is very bad
I have the following network:
A firewall in which I have two networks configured. One is a normal configured on the eth1 network firewall and other is a vlan (VLAN20) configured on the firewall eth2. Both networks have configured DHCP on the firewall. Both networks are connected to the same switch. In this switch I have both VLAN20 as vlan1 tagged in the same Ethernet where I connected the xclaim ap.

In the xclaim I set before two WiFi networks, one with vlan tag 1 and another with the tag vlan 20.

After setting up ap I connect to the network switch.

Everything works. I connect to each configured in the ap ssid and get correct ip for each network and go to internet properly.

The problem is that the ap gets the red light and the cloud manager ap appear offline

Can you help me




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