Problem with Client Isolation?

ShyrtolShyrtol Member Posts: 1

I don't know if this is the correct category for this but here it goes.

I have a Xi-3 that I am fairly happy with, easy setup with the cloud Manager but I was having a problem with connecting my Chromecast and Logitech Harmony Hub to it. They just wouldn't connect. Checked all tips online and none helped (Including made sure Client Isolation was off).

So finally I tested the Client Isolation feature. Lo and behold - wireless clients could not connect to each other. Wireless and wired clients could ping each other (both ways) but not wireless to wireless. This explains why neither of the devices were willing to setup properly.

So I checked the Cloud Manager and it still said that Client Isolation was off. So I turned it on and now no (!) devices could ping the wireless clients. Not even wired ones.

So turning it off again and now everyone can ping everyone and both Logitech Harmony and Chromecast is setup on my network!

Just thought this would help out someone.


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