Harmony issues with configuration

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I have purchased the Xclaim Xi-3. I have configured the WLAN and AP through Harmony. I have insured the the firmware of the AP are the most recent one ( I have the ability to see the newly created network on the WIFI selector on any of my devices. Yet, when I access Harmony through either my IPAD or IPHONE 6, the statistics screen is blank. When I go to network configuration I see both access points. One I depress them, I get a dialog box that allows me to make my choices and hit save. When I hit save, the dialog box disappears and I am reverted back to my network configuration screen and and alert comes out stating "The xclaim-setup WLAN is being taken down, please connect to another WLAN." This happens regardless on what WLAN I am connected too. Changing WLAN's has no effect. As a matter of fact the xclaim-setup WLAN is no longer even a choice as it was automatically disabled. Using my web browser I connected to both access points and they are working properly.


  • Hi @reydorta,

    Can you please try CloudManager (https://cloud.xclaimwireless.com/) and free cloud based management solution for managing Xclaim AP's ? If you are interested you can perform a factory reset on the AP by pressing the reset button for 8 secs and follow the steps in the attached doc.


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    I have had my Xi-3 for some time now. Configured using Harmony(iOS). I went to check Harmony today just to see if there was any firmware updates. The stats page is completely blank, also I couldn't connect to my ap when I tapped on it in Harmony until I power cycled it the Xi-3. The stats page is still blank, I can connect to my AP, view what is there, view my WLANs, I haven't tried to change anything as it doesn't show me things like Serial no, MAC addresses etc., and most importantly what version of firmware I am on, so it seems like it is only half connected to the ap admin-wise and I didn't want to mess with what is otherwise working good. I have tried power cycling the ap, and deleting and re-installing the app.

    The next thing is to do what you describe, reset the Xi-3 and start again, but it looks like you are steering the guy who started this thread to cloud manager, are ya'll giving up on the Harmony apps?

  • Hello @nntpgrip,

    We will not be releasing any new updates to the Harmony hence we recommend customers to use CloudManager.


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