Cloud Manager shows incorrect data

SturskyStursky Member Posts: 17

I'm just checking CM and on the dashboard it shows 17 clients connected. Same information from 2 days, at least. I have other way to check how many people are connected and these data are different. It seems freezing the page but also the Clients detail page is the same. Not sure but I think also RSSI values are equal.
I have already did a refresh and changed a browser but it shows the same information.
Also the APs details page seems shows incorrect data. For instance, the uptime is not correct (all the APs are connected at same switch and I have alarm that notify my a disconnection after 30 minuts; I didn't receive any alarm. Plus, We went in the hotel on December 28th, 2015 and AP01 has been rebootedbut it shows 2d22hrs).
How affordable are these information?

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