XI-3 WIFI Connected but no DHCP

I've been having an on-again, off-again issues with clients connecting to XI-3 APs. It seems like it may be more with I-Devices, but I'm not sure. The client will connect to the WIFI, and signal levels are good, but they are unable to get a DHCP Lease. If I see this is the problem, I can reboot the XI-3 AP and then when they reconnect, everything is fine. There is no network connectivity issue to the XI-3 AP.


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    Hi @blastcomm ,

    Can you please check the following and let us know?

    1. Please check if the DHCP pool has enough IP addresses and also, please check in firewall whether this specific OS has been blocked or not.

    2. Check if they are able to connect to internet by assigning a static IP address to the client device.

    3. Please check if the AP is in latest firmware version ( If not please reboot the AP twice with a gap of 10 minutes between each reboot. This will upgrade the AP.

    4. Is your SSID tagged to a particular VLAN? If yes, then confirm if the AP is connected to a port on the Switch where the specific VLAN is tagged. Check and change the ethernet cables if necessary.


  • blastcommblastcomm Member Posts: 5

    There is not any issue with the DHCP Pool. There are no VLANs setup. The AP's are on I do not have any packet loss to the AP. I see in my router log that the Client will make a DHCP Request, the router attempts to hand out an address, but the clients never acknowledge it. If I reboot the AP, the clients will reconnect to the AP and immediately receive a DHCP Lease. Unfortunately, there is nobody technical at the site when the issue happens, so I just reboot the AP Remotely (via cloud manager) and the issue is fixed. But until the reboot 'The Wifi is down again'

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    I am experiencing the exact same issue currently with 2 Xi-3s at a client site. One flat network, /24 subnet, no VLANs, DHCP provided by their firewall and previously by their domain controller. Wired connections have no issues with the DHCP pool, there are plenty of available addresses in the pool, and the only resolution we've seen so far is to restart the APs by unplugging and replugging their PoE connection. This has been happening for a few weeks intermittently and we've eliminated everything that I know of aside from the APs. Did this ever get resolved? Our last option may be to just replace them with actual Ruckus units or a different brand of AP altogether.

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