Complaints of frequent disconnects of multiple PC's on xi-3.

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I'm getting complaints from users that they are experiencing random disconnects from the WiFi network.
Happening with OSX and Windows.
They also sometimes get the error "Cannot connect to network" on Windows.
Maybe Bandsteering issue?

All AP's have static channels set.

Are there any known bugs regarding this?

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  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 217

    Hi @timd93 ,

    Please try to connect to a single frequency instead of keeping both radios enabled. For example, configure a network with 5Ghz radio mode enabled, attach the WLAN to the AP and try to connect to it.
    Can you please let us know the AP model?


  • timd93timd93 Member Posts: 30

    Hi @shriramrs

    I've made a new SSID on 2.4GHz only and will ask everyone to try and use that one and see if it still disconnects.
    I'm using all XI-3 AP's.

    Is there any possibility to enable logging on the AP's?

    Kind regards

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    Hi @timd93 ,

    Only the Xclaim person can check the logs by logging in to the AP.
    It depends on the client device behavior as well. Please try enabling or disabling the client radio and then re-enable the radio.
    Move the AP from non-WiFi interference sources if any.
    Can you also check by disabling 2.4Ghz radio and see if the clients are able to associate to 5Ghz only?


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    Hi @shriramrs

    Rebooting and factory resetting helped to fix it, however now, after 40 days of AP uptime, people are starting to complain again.
    They are saying it takes long to connect, and they are frequently being disconnected.

    It sounds like bandsteering pushing them to 5GHz, but that's not working well because there is an issue with the 5GHz.

    Do you know of any open bugs that might sound like they are causing this behavior?

    For now I'm just going to reboot the AP's to see if that is enough to fix it (instead of rebooting).

    Btw, you probably have some sort of list of devices that are 5GHz capable in the bandsteering algorithm.
    Is this list cleared on reboot? Of is factory reset required to clear it?

    Kind regards

  • timd93timd93 Member Posts: 30

    One important thing to note:
    Normally about 50% of the devices is on 5GHz, but now I could see on one AP that 95% is was 2.4GHz when the problem were reported. Even though these devices are all 5GHz capable.
    After the reboot it's back to 50%.

  • timd93timd93 Member Posts: 30

    @vybhavram @shriramrs
    I'm getting the complaints again after 25 days of AP uptime.
    In cloudmanager I clearly see that only 10% is on 5GHz again, instead of the usual 50%.

    Please give an update on this.

  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @timd93 ,

    Band-steering/Band-Balancing is always enabled by Default on all of our dual-band APs.

    As you might already know , band-balancing works by not responding the probe-requests / authentication-requests of dual-band clients on 2.4GHz , hoping that the dual-band clients move towards the 5GHz band.

    However, not all dual-band clients behave the same way all the time. There are times when they will immedaitely switch to the 5GHz band, in some cases it might take multiple probe-requests before which the client moves or in some cases the client behaves in a "sticky" manner and doesn't move at all.

    The AP has a set number of times it will deny association on the 2.4GHz radio. If the client is still persistent , it will go ahead and respond to the requests and permit the client to connect to 2.4Ghz.

    Also, FYI , once a client associates to the 2.4GHz radio , band-balancing stops working for that client.

    So, what you might be noticing is likely to be a client issue because the AP's behavior is fixed and it doesn't vary over time.


  • timd93timd93 Member Posts: 30

    Hi @vybhavram

    Thanks for your answer!
    I don't think this is a client issue, since multiple clients stop connecting to 5GHz at the same time.
    What happens if the 5GHz radio changes channel due to DFS for example? In this case the clients move to 2.4GHz, does this then disable band-steering fo these clients until the AP is rebooted?

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