Private ip addressing issues

andy_smith17andy_smith17 Member Posts: 19

Having problems accessing a Ethernet connected printer and Ethernet connected NAS. Both of these are behind a switch which is Ethernet connected back to the router (sky hub). Access to these devices is fine via a wired connection (PC/iMac etc) but when I try to find them with ipads/MacBook Air etc over wifi using private ip addressing the traffic doesn't seem to route to the printer or NAS. Although if I try the same scenario with a PC/win7 access it granted. The WiFi is provided by access points (ruckus Xi-3) connected to switches back to the router via Ethernet. Interesting though if I am camped on the sky hub router's providing wifi these apple clients are able to access those network devices. So it seems the xi-3 APs are not allowing access to the privately addressed network devices for Apple clients.

Any ideas how I could track this down further.


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