Import of many APs to Cloudmanager, Network selection and AP-Profiles

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I want to know, I it was planned to have a mass import Option for the APs because we have some projects with more than 30APs. For us it was great to have a .csv import option with the typical AP details.

Also it was helpfull to have a option (select field) in the networks tab to add APs to the network. At the moment I have to got to the AP-List to add each AP each time the same network.

At least we think that is was good to have a AP profile, which I can add to different APs. We typical use only 2,4GHz with channel 1, 6, 11 and 20MHz bandwith. So I need only 3 profiles which I can add to the APs I wish. Is it possible to get this feature in the future?


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @ff_ ,

    The ability to bulk add APs is coming in the upcoming CloudManager release. You should definitely find that useful.

    Thank you for the feature requests regarding the addition of networks to the AP and having a common AP profile that can be applied to all APs. We will investigate and check if this can added to our future CLoudManager updates.


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