Need for deleting the AP in CloudManager

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* If you are Xclaim distributor or a seller, please ensure to delete the AP from the CloudManager before selling the AP's. This is to ensure that the buyer or the end user can configure the AP in the CloudManager. 
* If the AP is not deleted, the buyer or the end user will not be able to claim/configure the AP in the CloudManager as the AP is already claimed in different account.

Steps to delete the AP in the CloudManager

* Login to the CloudManager account where AP is claimed/Configured
* Navigate to 'Access Points' Tab
* Select the AP which needs to be deleted
* Click on Edit AP from the left hand tool bar select 'Delete AP' which will delete the AP from the CloudManager permanently 


  • RuckusmanRuckusman Member Posts: 26


    We are distributor for xclaim. I just have similar case. Is there any other option for cases like that ?

    I gave one xclaim for test to customer. Now the customer is on vacation and I can't use that AP

    Any possible solutions?

    Best Regards, Peter.

  • Hi @Ruckusman,

    Can you please send your request to [email protected] ?


  • RuckusmanRuckusman Member Posts: 26


    Thank you for your help! I have solved this.

    I had luck and first customer called me back from vacation and reported to me that he hasn't used cloud. Then I have tried to add AP to my cloud and I was succesfull. I have deleted it and helped to customer since it was his first time.

    If I find case like that then I will write to you.

    Best Regards, Peter.

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    URGENT !!!!
    I have an X01 access point that does not work in my cloud. I have made a factory reset to the AP, but it does not load the cloud configuration. Nor does it allow me to delete it because I receive a message that says: This AP does not belong to this user. Please claim the AP if you have it before use.
    I have reviewed serial number and mac address and they are correct. Is there any way to force deletion of the access point of my cloud? I need to register again urgently because now I have the network open xcalimsetup issuing ...

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    Hi @betasanchez,

    Can you please let me know the S/N of the AP ? You can share it to [email protected]


  • alternetivoalternetivo Member Posts: 18

    Hello Ramesh,

    I would like to ask you to remove following serial number from CloudManager.

    AP-Xo-1-WW00 131803007162

    I am sending you the photos of the HW with its S/N in the attachment.


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