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dragon2611dragon2611 Member Posts: 38

Is it worth using cloud manager for a single home AP or would it be better to just configure it locally on the AP itself?

Any benefits to using the cloud manager?

Also how well does the cloud manager handle sudden IP changes (I have 2 connections at home the 2nd takes over if the primary drops out)

Lastly do the AP's still work if they lose connection to the cloud i.e run with the last configuration they received?


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @dragon2611 ,

    CloudManager is a powerful tool that can be used even with 1 AP. Since CLoudManager is also free, it is a perfectly viable solution to your need. CloudManager has plenty of advanced features like reporting, dashboards,anywhere/anytime access to your setup, which you would not get with local configuration. Not to mention the fact that plenty of new features have been planned for CloudManager in the near future, which you will be able to benefit from.

    Yes, cloudmanager works perfectly fine with the AP changing it's IP address. As long as the AP has reachability to CloudManager over the internet, we should be good to go!

    If the APs lose connection to the cloudmanager the following things happen:

    • The AP continues to function normally using the prior configuration that it had downloaded from CloudManager
    • AP keeps trying to regain connectivity
    • Any configurations modifed/added/deleted on CloudManager will be stored in the CLoudManager Database.
    • This will be pushed to the AP once the connectivity between the two comes back online.


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