Password Reset

powersurgeigorpowersurgeigor Member Posts: 4
Seems like my password is not correct???? How do I reset?


  • ericsrericsr Member Posts: 457
    @powersurgeigor‌ Unfortunately if you have forgotten your password you will need to reset the APs (paperclip in reset hole for 8 seconds) and delete and reinstall the app. This is a local system, there is no backup or backdoor.
  • kanhetwelkanhetwel Member Posts: 6

    had the same issue as powersurgeigor. Paperclip didn't help, the Harmony app keeps telling the password is wrong but can't add the right password or delete the AP from the Harmony app. The only thing that worked was to login into the web interface with the default password and set the password to the old one. That was the only way i could reach the accespoint again with the Harmony app. Needs to be fixed in the app?

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