Strange Network Behavior -- Sonos App, Macbook to iPhone connect

Hopefully this is the right spot for this...

I installed two new Xclaim AP's and configured them into 1 WLAN.

Wireless connectivity is good and the range is great but I've noticed that I am having intermittent issues with my Sonos Music application and my player as well as intermittent issues with my Macbook automatically connecting to the iPhone for dialing/texting/etc...

It's like the devices just can't see each other -- perhaps dropping whatever broadcast packet is sent?

The only thing that's changed is the two new AP's, previously I was using an Apple Airport Extreme without any noticeable issues.

Could my clients be hopping between the AP's because they are perhaps too close? They are one is in the front of the house on the first floor, the other is in the rear on the 3rd floor.

I'm honestly not sure where to start -- other then I was thinking of eliminating one of the AP's to see if things improve (but that doesn't seem like a great solution)...

Any help would be appreciated as I'm just not sure where to start.


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