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Thanks to our Beta customers, with immense pleasure we are announcing the General Availability of the CloudManager to the world. GA has most of the bug fixes reported by our beta customers with some stability fixes. Below is the release notes

Build 1.0(44)
Product : CloudManager
Build : 1.0(44) (CURRENT RELEASE)
Release Date : 06/26/2015

* Bug and Stability fixes
* URL had been changed to Please be advised to change your bookmarks and other settings where old URL is saved.


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    Nice! Where/how do we report or discuss potential features? When will you be able to share some more details on the roadmap forward (thinking about primarily mesh and Radius-support)

  • You can share your ideas here. We are listening to our customers and definitely will not disappoint them. Appreciate your interest with Xclaim ...

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    When will we be able to separate out each client location but still have one Admin user login?

    My example is that we only do 100% high-end residential deployments and the home owner will never use or have access to CloudManager. However, I want to be able to login to CM and see all my client locations and then drill down to each site as needed.....rather than having a unique login for each site.

  • This feature will be available as part of the Group Management feature planned for this year.

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    Any estimate when this year? Q3, Q4 ?

    Thank you.

  • Can you please share your contact details to and good time to talk to you ?


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    As has been mentioned elsewhere, one missing feature is to be able to view all connected clients in a list through Cloud Manager. (the work-around until the latest firmware updates was to use WebUI). Now you need to click to one of the AP's and then scroll and then click the "Clients"-button on the bottom of the page.
    One idea is to make the nice looking graphs on the dashboard from page clickable and have them lead to a Client list that includes more details (radio, connected AP, signal strength would be good). We have this list per AP but that is really bare bones and does not contain any details:

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