Seriously? Harmony required?

I just ordered 7 of these, and can't do anything with them. I was searching for a default IP, but see that unless I have an iPhone or Android these are worthless. There is really no other option for configuration? I understand iPhone and Android have a large market share, but not the entire world has them.


  • SpringsSprings Member Posts: 114

    There is another option, due to many complaints like this since release.
    They heard us and gave us a webserver!

    Hook up a WAP to a DHCP server that can route to the internet.

    When the unit boots up. It will contact the update server. (May Have To Reboot More Then Once)

    Netscan or check your DHCP server for the IP that the WAP has pulled.

    Once the firmware updates THE UNIT WILL HAVE A WEBSERVER.
    User: xclaim-mfg
    Pass: mfg-admin12

    Once you enter that you have a webserver interface

    If you have an issue with the webserver not coming up. Reboot again.

    If that keeps on failing there is a ssh session you can use to force the firmware update.

  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Thanks for the answer @Springs !

    You should be able to manage them individually via the AP's web gui.

    We are coming up with a Cloud based solution very soon where you should be able to configure/monitor your APs remotely via our Cloud Application. Would that be something that might interest you?


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