APs connected to cloud are shown offline but working

andreasgandreasg Member Posts: 4

Hello, for the last couple of weeks, we have been receiving feedback from a few of our partners that a lot of their installations have an issue with the connectivity of the CloudManager and Xi-1 access points. Specifically the issue involves an error where Xi-1 access points are shown on CloudManager that are offline, their PWR LED is solid RED, but the APs themselves still broadcast WiFi and continue accepting connections from mobile devices (we have a very small number of cases that the APs DO NOT broadcast their SSID and are completely offline).

I understand that Xclaim is a dead product now... I understand that End of Sales have been issued... But CloudManager (as a service) and support are still running until summer 2021. Shouldn't there be active support on your products until that date? There is no need to further develop the online platform or the APs (this hasn't been done for years now) but can you at least solve the current issues? Or at least is there still anyone there in Xclaim (or Ruckus for that matter) that has at least the decency to confirm to us if you will support or the product or not until mid-2021?


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