Firmware for stand-alone usage

Hello Ramesh,
I'm wondering if Xclaim will ever release a firmware for its devices that will enable to work in stand-alone mode, in order to let customers manage them without the need of registering them to your cloud, since your Cloud Manager Service will stop working next July 25, 2021.
This would be a very useful feature and I suppose that a lot of people would appreciate that, just not to let these devices become paperweigths after the end of your support.
You have 2 years and half to deploy a firmware with that funcionality, so please start working on it...

Please let me (us) know,
best regards.


  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 208

    Hi @artspa,

    Even with current software, AP will work in standalone mode. Please remove the AP from the CloudManager and perform a factory reset on the AP.


  • artspaartspa Member Posts: 2

    Thank you Rameshc,
    good to hear, I didn't know that it was already possible!
    Please send me a link to documentation on how to reset and reconfigure an AP (reset procedure, default username/password, default IP, etc...).
    Thanks in advance,
    best regards.

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