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Hello All,

Effective today (July 25th 2018) all models of Xclaim access points are End Of Sale. At this moment we would like to thank all our customers who have been of great support to us. For all support and related queries, please read the below document




  • keithgouldkeithgould Member Posts: 5
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    So you've been snowing us about the fact that the Cloud Manager Reports no longer deliver data and that they were going to be fixed.

    The EOL announcement has been made quietly and unprofessionally.

    I have had no direct communication from you regarding this. You are still offering reseller and partner opportunities on the web site.

    I only discovered the products are EOL because I was looking for an update on the Cloud Manager report function.

    Feeling very shoddily treated. A good product, one I've recommended and installed and put my reputation on the line for, gone.

    Looking forward to explaining to my clients why I recommended you, and why they will probably have to reinvest in order to keep their network functioning and secure.

    I appreciate products go EOL, what I don't enjoy is the fact that it seems that Ruckus have decided Xclaim is a dead duck and has no product evolution.

  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 77

    Totally agree with @keithgould (and some other post on this forum regarding the same thread)
    I can understand that products go EOL, but the EOL announcement for all Xclaim products on the same day? Come on Arris/Ruckus! Very disappointing. It's inappropriate .... (in my opinion)

    I have asked several time(s) to post some roadmap(s) on this forum, but no comments from you what so ever, you could at least do an EOL announcement in advance (eg. 1 january 2019) that shouldn't be so hard?

    And now? What can we expect the next few years?

    • Still some "support" on this forum (just answering simple questions) but no new firmware for e.g. solving security issue(s)?
    • Current issue(s) what can we expect? (eg. Xi-1 AP's which are randomly offline in CM)?
    • New issue(s) what can we expect? No more updates?
    • Cloud support until 2021, this amount of time is to short, it should at least be 5 years! Why have you chosen for such a short amount of time?

    I have sold you're products to many customers, but now I can tell them that they have to reinvest within a short notice! What do you think? Would end- customers be happy?

    Very very disappointing of Arris/Ruckus to make this decision and most of all, the way of communicating this announcement, it's not Arris/Ruckus worthy! It's time to make a change to other vendors, such a shame .... You guys had it all (perfect solution between the budget vendors and high-end) and now it's gone :-(


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