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Hello All,

Effective today (July 25th 2018) all models of Xclaim access points are End Of Sale. At this moment we would like to thank all our customers who have been of great support to us. For all support and related queries, please read the below document




  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 11

    Very disappointing decision.

  • MichaelPowerNetMichaelPowerNet Member Posts: 2

    disappointing :neutral:

  • MichaelPowerNetMichaelPowerNet Member Posts: 2

    is it possible til load Rucus firmware to the XO-1 so that they can run on Rucus Cloud ?

  • msselectronicsmsselectronics Member Posts: 3

    We are very disappointed.
    is it possible to have the cloud manager instance so we can host it in our own servers we can not tell our costumers that in 2 year the cloud manager a lot of people buy xclaim in 2018.
    if its not possible to give us cloud manager instance in ova or qow2 then you should give us ruckus firmware for those products so we can host them in vscz or Ruckus cloud.

  • AdoudouAdoudou Member Posts: 14

    What's gonna happen to our AP 26th July 2021?
    Don't work anymore at all? Crashed? , still working with the last configuration? It means that from 26th of July we can't configure our AP's anymore?

  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 170

    Hi @Adoudou,

    Post 26th July 2021 all the AP's will continue to work with the latest configuration.


  • ProgjesProgjes Member Posts: 45
    edited July 28

    really dissapointing (and to me unexpected) decision. I have recommended xclaim to lots of friends and family, and feel really sorry it is going to stop. It thruly was the best B2C access point in the market, simple, easy to set-up, ruckus quality, nice and supportive people on the forum. I feel honestly sad.. Thanks @rameshc and team for all the dedication! I wish you all the best!

  • itsupportenitsupporten Member Posts: 1
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    Disappointed is not the right word.....We have marketed these products for private and SMB customers heavily. We have also installed these to end customers lately and we also have 3 APs on XI-3 and 1 AP on XI-0 in stock, which we probably will not be able to sell due to the following:

    "In Norway, end customers (private sector) have 5 years' right of complaint, but since Ruckus "suddenly" stop selling these now and only give us 3 years, we are not allowed to sell them to private end customers in Norway."

    In worst case scenario, we may have to return all the products sold to the private sector because of the 5 years' right of complaint, which by norwegian law surpasses the Ruckus/distributor warranty.

    We will talk to our distributor and most likely return those unused APs we have purchased this year because of this.

    The private sector was the largest customer base we had on these APs.
    Suddenly my customers were did not have to buy cheap and lousy MESH solutions. A couple of months ago we assembled 1 XI-3 AP in a store that spans 3 buildings in concrete, full coverage everywhere.
    We also sold 25 XI-2 AP´s to a hotel, with full coverage.

    A bit of the advantage of these points was that they had a free solution, easy to set up and configure and reasonable price to the end customer.

    I have sold Ruckus and Ruckus Xclaim for many years and have to say I'm very disappointed with this decision.

    I`d like to know the reason for the end of sale and support.

    It must be a great advantage for Ruckus to deliver reasonable AP is to especially the private sector when the products are so extremely good??

    We had great plans for these AP´s in small hotels and AirBnB´s with a limited budget.

    **We might have to reconsider Ruckus as a WIFI supplier in the future, sadly.
    Erik, IT-Supporten.

  • ArxondasArxondas Member Posts: 6

    Disappointed Very Much.

    We have invested over 25.000 euros for Ruckus AP and we got 150 xclaim AP before 5 months instead of Unifi
    because of Ruckus Name and now we need to replace....
    Very unprofessional. At least give us the cloud manager to host it to our servers or migrate the AP's to Ruckus
    or trade with ruckus AP's at very very low price. It's hard to invest again these days.

    We will never trust again Ruckus. I Agree with "Erik" its time to reconsider Ruckus as a WIFI supplier.

  • jonasoepjonasoep Member Posts: 14


    We got 234 Accesspoint in the xclaim portal.
    I also got an vSZ installation for customers how need an enterprice wifi solution.

    Will it be posible to transform the xclaim AP to an R500 ruckus AP with an firmware upgrade? that will be great!

    One of my customer got 81 Xclaim AP's
    PLEASE do somthing to help our customers.

    Kind regards
    Mentor IT, Denmark

  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 170

    Hi @jonasoep,

    I have forwarded your request to senior management. Will get back to you once I hear from them.


  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 78

    Hi @rameshc and @jonasoep

    Must say that you're suggestion is a very good one!
    Is it a possibility that Xclaim will support a migration path from Xclaim cloud to Ruckus Cloud for the Xi-3 and Xo-1 AP's?
    (with a firmware upgrade)

    I'm willing to pay an additonal fee or buy a Ruckus Cloud license, no problem.
    With this option we can fully support our customers now and in the future.

    Please let us know the outcome, thank you in advance.


  • msselectronicsmsselectronics Member Posts: 3

    i agree on update.
    but it would be nice to be a migration for all AP to ruckus Cloud or Ruckus vsz so we can host the ap to our own cloud managers.
    i have more than 1200 XI-1 to my msp account i can not just throw them out the costumers will be angry.

  • guidolangendorffguidolangendorff Member Posts: 9

    I am flabber’d... we just made a choice to go for Xclaim as prefered wifi solution to sell/migrate to. Put aside some good relations with that choice. And now we have to return to them for a second chance. Besides we just implemented our first xclaim wifi network also with a new customer for which we defended Xclaim/Ruckus like hell. And now I have to go back with this story. Xclaim, i’d like to know where I can put a claim. Next, I find it unherad of to get this from the forum where I just wanted to go to ask a question. Now I read this! Xclaim is obligded in my view to have send a big announcement on this to every Cloud Manager admins email adres, every Distri should have send email notifications to all their Xclaim customers etc.
    Eventhough I have short experience with Xclaim support forum, I’d like to thank you and hope you are given the same space to operate as before in the next three years. Ruckus has to take other actions to support this. This announcement is not enough.


    I am very concerned at the lack of information about this and the lack of a long term solution to support the continued operation of my Xi-3s. If the market is to have any faith in Ruckus, it needs to address this properly.

  • zakavierzakavier Member Posts: 8

    It's not really professional attitude. How can you leave your customers on the roadside like that? I negotiate a lot with my customer to implement a x-claim wifi network. It was hard and now I need to explain to him that this "professional" solution is over... He will kill me!
    Please find a usable solution for after July 2021...

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