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Hi all,
I've read many discussions about AP's that randomly goes offline evenf if the AP work fine (green LED fixed) with client connected.
Anyone have a solution about this problem.
All AP's model Xi-1 with last firmware
It seems that AP's stop to send information to CloudManager.
In some cases after a reboot of AP's solve the problem, in other cases the AP's it still offline

Yeastardeay I've tried to remove another offline AP and add again the same, after a reboot the AP is connected (green LED fixed) but now it still not recognized from CloudManager...!

Anyone have solution?



  • lmarcolmarco Member Posts: 5
    edited July 3

    someone of xclaim can do somethink or answer?


  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 78

    Hi Marco,

    Very inconvenient. At this moment all of my Xi-1 AP's are offline in Cloudmanager (but online at customer site) same issue for me!

    @rameshc @shriramrs Could you please post an update regarding this issue? What can be done? We've asked before, (see other posts) but no reply!


  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 78

    To bad Xclaim isn't responding.

    @rameshc @shriramrs please provide us with some feedback. If needed, I can setup VPN access so you guys can debug (if needed)
    I've setup a test environment with a Xi-1 in my own lab, which is suffering the same issue.
    Please let me know, I can send you the details via DM.


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