Xclaim Xi-1 Static Red Light

I have bought 30 access points Xclaim Xi-1. I configured them with static ip 10.40.0.x and SSID, I didnt use Harmony or cloudmanager, I just conected to factory ip, change ip address to 10.40.0.x and added ssid. After they have been working for 10 days, 11 access points stopped working, 5 first, then 3 and today 3 more. I checked them physically and all have static red light turned on.

They are connected to switch HP1920s 24G POE 370w(new). On the side of switch hp, they looks good, status led on port of switch is fine, nevertheless, when I go to access point side, static red light is turned on and I cant reach ip of access point 10.40.0.x

I have tried restarting access point but access point remains static red light and not reachable. 

Next step I attempted was to press reset button for 8 seconds to perform factory reset, nevertheless, static red light is still present. I attempted to connect to factory ip, but access point doesnt answer ping. I attempted using poe injector just in case, but the result is the same.

I would like to know, what else I can attempt to get access to access point? Is there any way to force change static red light to green one? Why cant i reach factory ip after performing factory reset and static edred light is still present?  

I was about to buy 100 more access points, nevertheless Im afraid of buying this model, It would be a big issue for me if 11 access points were damaged, I need them working no with red light.

Thank you so much for your answer and support



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