Vlan and Mikrotik

ArxondasArxondas Member Posts: 5

Hello all,

I need some help about configuration with vlan.
My main Router is a Mikrotik RB1100 and all my AP's are xclaim xi-1 and xclaim xi-2. No management switches in network, only simple switches.

On mikrotik my main network is for my devices and a vlan100 for guests network.
My plan is to setup ap's with ip from network so I can monitor connectivity but when a guest connect to wifi it will take ip from

I have setup vlan100 on xclaim network config but it doesn't work. Guests take ip's from network Tried with an old tp-link ap and it working as it should also with a unifi uap-ac.

I'm using cloud manager with latest firmware on ap's

Any suggestions ?

thank you.

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