What does an intermittently red/green LED mean?


I've jus bought three Xi-3 APs for our new house, probably over-doing it because our house isn't big at all. But I wasn't happy with my Unifi's stability and range, so I wanted to solve this first-world problem once and for all.

Anyway, after adding these APs to the Cloud Manager, one of them showed a red LED, turning green after some time, but also reverting to red shortly after, and so on. When the LED is red, it seems I cannot connect to this [articular AP. Being an embedded software developer myself, I think the AP is resetting, yet according to the Cloud manager, everything is fine.

I tried using the supplied PoE adapter instead of my PoE switch, different Ethernet cables, swapping it with the other APs, but the problem remained with the AP. After this whole swapping exercise, I left everything connected, and when I checked yesterday morning, it finally stayed green. When I checked the Cloud Manager, this particular AP had an up-time of 15 hours, while the others had 18 hours, making be believe it has been resetting for 3 hours before coming to its senses.

Should I request an RMA with my supplier? Because I don't trust this AP anymore.

An observation is that this particular AP has a way different serial number and MAC (OUI). Where the other APs have serial numbers like 99155360xxxx and OUI 94:F6:65, the problem AP has a serial number like 14154380xxxx and OUI 2C:C5:D3, which may indicate a different revision.

Looking forward to your opinions.



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    Hi @MindBender ,

    We have seen in some cases, if the new APs are in old AP firmware version, they don't connect to the Cloudmanager properly. So we advice to reboot the AP twice with a gap of atleast 10 minutes between each reboot. This will upgrade the AP to latest firmware version ( and will communicate with the Cloudmanager immediately. This is what happened in this case as well.

    AP LED in solid green indicates that the AP is up and running successfully with the Cloudmanager.
    We do not suspect any issues with the Access points and there is no need to raise an RMA request for this case.
    If you still see any issues with the AP, we can schedule a webex call to debug this issue further.


  • MindBenderMindBender Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for your reply. Apologies for my late response; I didn't get notified about your answer.

    The APs came with a note, mentioning the double reboot procedure with 10 minutes (5 minutes on the note) in between. I followed that procedure and updated the firmware successfully, confirmed by the AP internal webpage. Shortly after, it started going and didn't stop for 3 hours. I'm pretty sure I didn't get WiFi access on that particular AP while the LED was red, making me think it was a reboot and not just a Cloudmanager connection problem, so I'm not sure this matches the situation you're describing.

    Anyway, I have returned it for replacement. I would like to have closure on what happened, but the devices are too new and too expensive to spend a lot of time on debugging. So classifying it as a defect or misprogrammed firmware and having it replaced is enough closure for me.

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