Slow Speeds. XI-2 with Edgerouter Lite

I have been using the XI-2 for some time with no issues.
Router died so I got a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite with works great, except with my xclaim AP.
Router and AP have been reset to factory multiple times, AP is on the latest firmware
Default firewall rules on the edgerouter.
CloudManager shows that AP is online and clients are connected, but downloads and normal web browsing are extremely slow, speed tests are consistently 4/6 on a 60/10 connection.
Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance.


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 217

    Hi @TKC ,

    Are you seeing slowness with all types of Client devices like Mac OS, Android, ubuntu etc.,?
    Can you please try the following and let me know?

    1. Please check if you have set static channels for both the radios (2.4/5Ghz) in the AP configuration.Preferably, non overlapping channel(1,6,11) in 2.4 Ghz radio and non-DFS channels for 5Ghz radio.
      Issue could be related to the channel fly behavior where the AP is trying to find a optimal channel with less interference.
    2. Please try to connect to a single frequency instead of keeping both radios enabled. For example, create a network with only 5Ghz radio enabled , attach it to the AP and try to connect to it. Also, try attaching only 2.4Ghz network to the AP.
    3. Does your client device support 802.11n?
    4. If yes, how many spatial streams can it support? Can you tell us the model of the wifi chipset that your client device uses?
    5. Try relocating the AP to different location and check the throughput.
    6. Move closer to the AP while checking the throughput.
    7. Try changing the Channel width ( large channel width can cause interference )
    8. If you are using web UI to manage the AP, we suggest using the WPA2 AES authentication. Also, try using open authentication and check if it helps.

    Following are some of the possible factors which could create such behavior:

    1. Too much interference from non-WiFi sources such as microwaves, cordless phones, analog security cameras, audio headsets, radars, etc.
    2. Too much interference from WiFi APs whether from neighbors or from the same network
    3. Too many wireless stations on the network


  • TKCTKC Member Posts: 6

    I've tried all your steps, and I've concluded that the issue is my switch.
    The AP is now wired direct to my router and speeds are back to normal, 100mb+.
    Currently searching for a replacement switch, I'll be testing a netgear that has 4 802.11af ports, hopefully this works.
    I really appreciates the feedback.

  • TKCTKC Member Posts: 6

    My replacement switch worked for awhile but now im having the same issues.
    My throughput slows to 4 Mbps even though my laptop is connected at 300 Mbps. Devices wired directly to the swith have no issues and speedtests are 60Mbps.
    I have power cycled my router and switch multiple times, to no avail.
    Currently the AP is offline and refuses to function, if power cycled I can connect to the SSID but cant browse the web or my local network.
    I have my AP Set to DHCP and not reserved on my router.
    Wireless channels are set to Auto, Laptop is only a few feet from the access point.
    I have Disabled the 5GHZ radio and tested only on 2.4 with the same results.
    I have tried all steps recommended by shriramrs but he issue remains.

  • TKCTKC Member Posts: 6

    Current fix.
    Factory Reset AP.
    Configure using webUI and Harmony.
    Lets see how reliable this setup will be.

  • TKCTKC Member Posts: 6
    The issue has returned. Download speeds are now back to 4mbps, that's when I manage to have a good connection. The AP seems to need a reboot e sry 2 days or so. I'm thinking that it's defective, time to find a replacement.
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