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datamedicdatamedic Member Posts: 23

I have a rather strange question but has anyone tested the max xo-1 concurent clients?

from specifications it should be able to handle 100 per radio, so in a rather best invironmet it could hold with success up to 200 clients 100 on 2,4 and 100 on 5ghz right?

anyone has seen any xo-1 holding for example 150 clients on 2.4 and 50 on 5ghz?

its this possible or its strickly 100 concurrent per band and drops any other connections requests?

any xclaim expert to confirm or not this?

thank you in advance


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @datamedic ,

    Yes. You are right. Xclaim APs support upto 100 clients per radio. However , we do not recommend planning deployments with more than 20-30 active clients per radio. This is because as the client count increases, the co-channel interference increases and the available throughput goes down drastically.

    Technically , you could connect 200 clients (as we have done in our internal testing), but it's not recommended.


  • datamedicdatamedic Member Posts: 23

    so you dont recomment 3 xo-1 for 400-500 smartphone clients , its an open space of 100 x 30 meters ...

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