AP offline, probably IP Conflict...

AndyAndy Member Posts: 7


Problems with 5 out of 9 xClaims being offline all powered via adapter and have been online before.

Now I see an AP having IP but a connected device has the same IP address..
I would like to set the AP IP address below 100 with a static IP since DHCP range is 100-255, how can i add a static IP to my AP's?


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 179

    Hi @Andy ,

    Xclaim Access points do not support static IP addresses when used with CloudManager.
    But you can use the xclaim AP in local mode and configure a static IP address for it using it's Web UI.


  • Arpanet69Arpanet69 Member Posts: 6

    You can also configure the router to specify an ip address based on the AP mac address using DHCP. So you can still work with cloudmanager.

    Good luck!

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