Unable to remove a network from Xo-1

LeecLeec Member Posts: 2

We have an Xo-1 which I configured for a client with a wireless network. We then decided not to use the AP and so removed it from the tenant.
Later, we came back to this AP and assigned it to a new tenant and a new WiFi network. Now we can see the old WiFi network broadcasting as well as the new one.
A factory reset did not help. The network just came back again. There is only 1 WiFi network assigned to the AP in CloudManager.

I have now resolved this by adding the rogue SSID to the new client, assigning the AP it, rebooting, removing the SSID, reboot again.

Now, only the correct WiFi network is broadcasting.
I'd consider this a bug and maybe someone at Xclaim could look at this issue to save problems for people in the future.



  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 208

    Hi @Leec ,

    Normally, when you remove the AP from the tenant, reset is issued to the AP from the Cloudmanager. But somehow the reset was not successful in this case. So the old networks were still broadcasting. There is a good chance that your AP might have lost connectivity with the Cloudmanager while you removed the tenant.


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