How to turn off Access Point notification emails and unreliable offline status

JohnAJohnA Member Posts: 14
edited January 2017 in CloudManager

Please can someone advise how we turn off the notification emails, which tell us when an Access Point is offline.

There are actually two issues here:
1. A recent change to the Cloudmanager appears to have started emailing me when any of our customer Access Points go offline - We don't want these emails, and there appears to be no way to turn them off.
2. This 'feature' would not be too bad, except that the Xclaim Xi-2 Access points on some sites do not appear to be reliable at realising they are online. I'm not sure of the exact scenarios, but access points will indicate they are offline, yet the customer tells us they are still connected to the internet using an 'offline' access point. I believe the problem might be that the AP tries to setup it's local LAN settings at bootup, then access the Cloudmanager. They do NOT appear to work if Virgin media (or other) router and PoE switch are power cycled using the same mains power switch. So it looks like the AP's fail to register with CM, if the network isn't available as they boot up. they should need to have some kind of watchdog, so that if they are not registered at boot, they keep attrmpting to obtain DHCP, and then register again. Note that the AP's work fine otherwise and the sites are not reporting any internet issues.

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